Thursday, August 25, 2011

When Foods Attack!

This is what my afternoon felt like. I went to a play date today and realized when I got there that I forgot to bring my little guy's lunch. Luckily my friend had snacks and some cut up chicken for my little guy (thanks Sara!). When I got home my little one was still hungry so I decided to make him a little something, and as I was stirring the puree this is what happened:

Pumpkin banana went everywhere. All over me, the floor, the stove etc... Oh and did I mention we were out of paper towels which made clean up super fun! I tried to salvage as much of the puree as I could, and decided I would quickly try to make oatmeal to add to the puree. My little one was crying at this point which made it so much worse. I put the oats in the microwave with some water and cooked them for 2 minutes. When I opened the microwave there was oatmeal everywhere, it exploded. This was not my day. 

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