Monday, July 25, 2011

Butternut Squash, Peas, Garbanzo beans, and Avocado Puree

I gave this puree to my little guy when he was around 7 months, and it's still one of his favorites. This puree is full of iron, protein, vitamin A and Vitamin C.

1 oz cooked butternut squash pureed (you can bake or steam the squash and then scoop out the flesh, or cut into pieces and steam then puree)
1 oz cooked pea puree (I steam and then puree)
1 oz garbanzo bean puree (I use organic canned garbanzos which is totally safe. Just make sure you really rinse them before pureeing with filtered water)
1 oz avocado pureed or mashed
pinch oregano

Mix all together, serve and enjoy :)

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